The cannabis industry is rapidly expanding across the United States and HARDCAR is one step ahead of everyone in regards to banking and the secure transport of cash and goods. We wouldn’t trust our assets with anyone else and plan on sticking with these guys as our business continues to grow across California and the nation. Great work Agents!

Testimonial #1Cannabis Manufacturing Client

HARDCAR is the first company to legally transport cannabis cash into the federal reserve in California and continues expanding their options, so it only makes sense that we do business with the front runners for safe banking in this adolescent industry. Their Agents take their jobs very seriously, which gives me confidence that my assets are protected. Thanks HARDCAR, keep rockin!

Testimonial #2Cannabis Retail Client

The HARDCAR team has been working non-stop to build its presence and become a leader in this market, and 2018 is already showing signs of just how much that work is paying off. HARDCAR has already secured the award for ‘Best Cannabis Security Company’ at the Cashinbis Awards, they have been featured on NBC Bay Area, WIRED Magazine, and Dope Magazine, have secured some of the biggest names in California cannabis as clients, and have developed partnerships with hundreds of farmers.

Testimonial #3Cannabis Partner