HARDCAR Continues Strengthening Foundation for Success in California’s Booming Cannabis Market

With leadership roles in the nation’s top cannabis associations, groundbreaking advocacy meetings with government officials, unprecedented partnerships with banks, and agreements with municipalities, HARDCAR Distribution positions itself as a leader in The Golden State.

HARDCAR Distribution leads the discussion as California’s cannabis market harnesses new rules and regulations that provide structure and stability for the flourishing industry. For years, the company has played an integral role in the safe management and transportation of cash and product throughout the state, but recent moves have led to major partnerships, putting the company in a position for massive growth.

As CEO of HARDCAR, Todd Kleperis has established himself as a member of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA), holding the position of Chairman of the Banking & Legal Committee. In 2017, Kleperis and representatives from other advocacy groups met with California State Treasurer John Chiang to address gaps in the state’s cannabis banking service. By coordinating efforts, they were able to clearly convey the serious threat that cannabis dispensaries are facing without legal banking services, while also communicating that state compliance will need to rely on banking for tax purposes.

“Through strategic discussions, we have created partnerships with certain banks throughout the state, providing us the ability to legally deposit our client’s money. This is a major step forward for cannabis banking in California and throughout the United States.” – Todd Kleperis, CEO of HARDCAR Distribution

HARDCAR realizes that there is a lot of work left to be done in order to secure legal banking for the entire cannabis industry, and the team is committed to advocating and leading in this space. This commitment to excellence has led to a strategic partnership with California’s largest cannabis consulting service, a group that assists all local government agencies with implementing and managing effective marijuana regulation and taxation. HARDCAR is now the only licensed distributor with armored vehicles in the state of California to engage in tax collection, providing hundreds of municipalities a safer and more secure way to transport their tax revenue from dispensary to deposit. Along with product distribution, HARDCAR can now collect city and state tax revenue, ATM pickups, and smart safes, all while staying compliant with government rules and regulations.

Because HARDCAR Distribution has been integrated in California’s cannabis market for so long using the best technologies, they have collected a tremendous amount of data. They know exactly where product is grown, by whom, for how long, exact laboratory testing data, where the product is being sold, and consumer costs, providing complete supply chain and consumer buying visibility. This is a huge advantage for the company as the state continues to leverage data to fully understand the marijuana market from seed to sale.

A recent report from BDS Analytics estimates that sales of both medical and recreational cannabis throughout California could hit $3.7 billion in 2018, and that number could easily increase to $5.1 billion in 2019 as more dispensaries come online. As the largest armored distribution company in the industry, HARDCAR offers a fleet of hi-tech armored vehicles that are manned by trained US Military Veterans, providing safe and secure transportation of cash and product. Constant attention to excellence has built trust, helping the company secure California’s top 15 largest cannabis-related companies as valued clients.

As the world’s sixth largest economy, The Golden State boasts a population of 36 million people and a tourist economy that brings in over 250 million people annually. HARDCAR’s disruptive delivery model, strong partnerships and focus on compliance will allow the company to be a major player in this booming economy, all while minimizing and mitigating safety and security threats to the cannabis industry.

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