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1405, 2018

By | May 14th, 2018|IN THE NEWS|

‘They See a Soft Target, They Are Going to Go After It’: Rip-Off Risks Remain in Cannabis Cash Economy

For a marijuana industry trying to emerge from the shadows, the lack of a banking system puts people at risk and slows growth, an NBC Bay Area investigation found.

Liz Wagner, Bethney Bonilla, Michael Bott and Michael Horn – NBC Bay Area

Ed, a Humboldt County pot farmer was outside a friend’s house last year […]

1305, 2018

By | May 13th, 2018|IN THE NEWS|


Nick Stockton – WIRED

An apparent oversight in California’s cannabis regulations requires some distributors report to the federal government exactly what they’re up to.

IMAGINE DRIVING THROUGH California, your vehicle packed with Mendocino County’s finest kush. That scenario might once have induced a panic attack or—depending on your temperament—an adrenaline spike. Now that medical and adult-use recreational cannabis is legal, it’s a […]

2002, 2018

By | February 20th, 2018|IN THE NEWS|

Cannabis Transportation: The Challenges of Getting Product from Point A to Point B

Kelli Vo – Dope Magazine

Would you transport hundreds of thousands of dollars to the bank using your commuter car? Who would be crazy enough to risk that much money?

Unfortunately, this is the dilemma faced by many businesses in the marijuana industry. At more than $200 an ounce, transporting a single pound of marijuana between a grow and a dispensary can be […]