HARCAR Receives State Certification and Opens Firearms Training Facility

Because of the lack of professional firearms training for security professionals in California, HARDCAR has been discussing the idea of obtaining their California State certification to provide the required training, certification and testing for armed security officers in the state.

Originally the idea was only to train in-house security professionals and new hires, and be able to conduct the required re-qualification course. However, with all of the other changes and expansions HARDCAR has faced over the past 3 years, this idea was put on the back burner. Although the company’s Private Investigator (P.I.) is already a certified firearms instructor for law enforcement and security, HARDCAR would need to obtain state certification as a training facility.

Rolling forward to October, 2018, HARDCAR’s Fleet & Training Manager, Ryan Congiardo, learned about the company’s plans and what it would take to move forward. Ryan brought new life to the project and got the ball rolling again. He put in countless hours preparing the proper applications, finding an appropriate range, setting up a class room, and making it all happen.

In April 2019, HARDCAR finally became licensed by the State of California Bureau of  Security and Investigative Services to operate a Firearms Training Facility in Desert Hot Springs, CA. Mr. Congiardo will be the safety officer and assist in the instruction of the courses the company offers, while HARDCAR’s P.I. will be the firearms instructor for all state certified courses and will offer these services to other security professionals in the state. Because the ranks of HARDCAR have so many highly trained military personnel throughout the country, including other firearms and tactical instructors, they will tap into this resource to provide high level training both in-house and as a service to others.