Cannabis Becomes Bright Spot In Pandemic World

March 20, 2020
by Debra Borchardt
CEO, Co-Founder, and Editor-In-Chief of GMR

HARDCAR Keeps Delivering

Cannabis delivery and security business HARDCAR will continue to distribute cannabis while other distributors scramble with the shut down of California.  That’s because ‘Essential Services Sector’ companies may continue to operate while others MUST shut down. HARDCAR has been ESS certified for nearly 4 years. Emergency Services Sector companies may continue operations legally in the state of California when other companies must shut down operations.

“We saw this one 3  years ago when the first quakes were hitting in California so we made sure all vehicles were ready for events like this. We installed air purifiers as trials and had fantastic results. Then we added satellite phones and generators to some rigs so we are very prepared.” Todd Kleperis of HARDCAR.

Sal Moccia CEO of HARDCAR said, “Right now it’s not about profit – it’s about sustainability and moving through very treacherous roads. Who better than the US military veterans we have to make our way in a time of crisis. I’m proud of our team for never wavering and never faltering to make this industry secure.”