HARDCAR offers financing opportunities for businesses working in a cannabis industry that is exploding throughout the US. HARDCAR is a long time contributor to the cannabis space and fully understands the struggles businesses go through when looking for financing, so they are proud to now offer equipment, building (construction, greenhouses, etc.?) and project based (what kinds of projects?) loans to small and medium sized cannabis companies.

The fact that cannabis is still illegal on the Federal level makes it nearly impossible for cannabis related businesses to obtain a loan from traditional sources to help start or grow a company. The reason why is that the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) considers any bank willing to work with a cannabis related business as taking on a monumental risk with potentially negative consequences to the public, putting the bank in violation of Federal law.

However, as states continue to pass laws regulating the use and cultivation of marijuana, new ways of obtaining business financing are becoming available and HARDCAR is once again leading the charge. For more information please contact HARDCAR at or call 1-833-246-4273.

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