HARDCAR Announces Partnership With Humboldt Brands, Opening New Doors in California’s Cannabis Market

With California’s cannabis industry continuing to break records in its mere infancy, Humboldt Brands and HARDCAR are bringing integrity and authenticity to ensure proper growth.

March 15, 2018 – (Palm Springs, CA) – HARDCAR Distribution has partnered with Humboldt Brands, providing an exciting opportunity for the proper expansion and growth of Northern California’s cannabis market. Comprised of over 100 farmers, Humboldt Brands is focused on supporting local farmers and bringing organic, sun-grown products to consumers.

“We’re privileged to be working with a company that is in a league of their own. HARDCAR brings an aspect of professionalism and integrity that this industry requires and we’re extremely excited for this opportunity. Their support of our Veterans is something we feel strongly about and support 100 percent.” – Reuven Sherr, Founder of Humboldt Brand Cannabis Co. & Humboldt Brand Business Solutions

Humboldt County is located in Northern California and is also known as “The Emerald Triangle”, becoming famous for producing some of the world’s best cannabis. The area is comprised of Humboldt, Mendocino and Trinity Counties and is a main focal point for cannabis enthusiasts living in or traveling to California.

Farmers have been cultivating cannabis alongside their families’ vegetable gardens ever since the 1960s, and live soils and organic practices make the difference in producing top-shelf cannabis products for consumers. Producing the highest quality cannabis the way Mother Nature intended has been a way of life for generations in this region and is highly coveted.

Farmers under Humboldt Brands produce a vast array of products in both THC and CBD lines that meet the needs of California’s medical cannabis market. Currently, they offer flower, live resin and other live concentrates, oil, pre-rolls, and shatter, and will soon be adding edibles to their list.

“Being intimately involved in the industry we know and understand the challenges that these farmers face. We are very excited to be partnering with an organization that brings authenticity and a focus on small businesses to an industry that has unlimited potential for growth.” – Todd Kleperis, CEO of HARDCAR Distribution

Humboldt Brands is helping to bridge the gap between farmers and the outlets they require to run a legal business of their own. Because farming in itself is a full- time job, Sherr and his colleagues do all the upfront research and then supply the necessary resources farmers need, allowing them to focus more time and energy into their farms. And this is where HARDCAR Distribution comes in.

As of March 11, 2018, California has issued only 469 temporary licenses in Humboldt County, and with an estimated 15,000 cultivation sites in existence, the county is expected to begin accepting new permit applications soon and is poised for major growth. Without the proper channels in place, compliance becomes an issue and staying within the legal lines is very important for both companies.

With HARDCAR Distribution being the largest armored distribution company in the industry, they will be able to bring Humboldt Brand’s products to market so the farmers don’t miss out on the right market opportunities. They move the largest volumes of cannabis in the state of California while always keeping an eye on compliance, proving that’s why they’re an industry leader.

About HARDCAR Distribution 
HARDCAR is a long-time contributor to the cannabis space, with a proven track record of cultivating and solidifying meaningful relationships throughout the industry. From packaging, to distribution, lab testing, trimming, secured storage, and transport, HARDCAR Distribution has all aspects of cannabis retail covered. Through collaboration with our diversified team of highly qualified and talented professionals, we help cannabis businesses stand out in the industry by providing the highest quality industry services that keep our partners’ products safe, while maintaining excellence and compliance throughout our work. For more information, visit hardcar.com.

About Humboldt Brand 
Family farms are the pride of Humboldt County. This culture is what makes our community special. We bring world-class cannabis products to the caring consumer. We are comprised of nearly 100 family farmers who have been cultivating organic, sun-grown cannabis for decades. Humboldt Brand carries the tradition of multiple generations of experienced cultivators and our passion is creating world-class cannabis products for cannabis consumers. For more information, visit humboldtbrand.com.