HARDCAR Distribution Teams Up With SōKO Luxury Cannabis Creations

With the cannabis industry growing at a tremendous rate, companies like SōKO are exploding onto the scene. By carving out a niche in the luxury market the company has created strong demands and requires a company like HARDCAR to move massive amounts of product across California.

  SōKO Cannabis Creations has teamed up with HARDCAR Distribution to grow its luxury brand in California’s legal cannabis market, which is continuing to grow at a staggering rate.

In regards to public opinion, voters have spoken in a number of states making both medicinal cannabis and recreational (adult-use) cannabis legal to qualifying state residents. The consumer demand for luxury options has allowed SōKO to create and maintain a strong customer base, which in turn requires the need for HARDCAR’s safe and secure transport of cannabis goods via armored trucks and trained guards.

“SoKo Cannabis Creations is very excited to start a strategic partnership with HARDCAR. Each business offers unique and unparalleled contribution to the cannabis industry and will undoubtedly be a powerhouse marriage for years to come.“ – Dave Soko, CEO of SōKO

Founded in San Diego, California, SōKO has grown over the last 3 years with its sleek lines of vape cartridges and CBD products that are 100% organic, non-GMO. The company’s sustainably grown plants, state-of-the-art extraction methods, and innovative and patented CCELL hardware allows them to maintain the highest standards of quality, far and above state requirements. SōKO products define a new standard of luxury in the cannabis community. Inspired by contemporary art, fashion, and premium cannabis, they feature a wide range of THC and CBD oil products made from certified organic ingredients.

HARDCAR Distribution provides secured transport of SōKO products with the largest, most high-tech and discrete armored fleet in the industry. Manned by highly trained US Military Veterans, HARDCAR guarantees safe and timely delivery of the freshest products.

“We are the necessary lifeline between the cannabis cultivators, cannabis extractors, cannabis dispensaries, and consumers.” – Todd Kleperis, CEO of HARDCAR Distribution

California is the world’s 6th largest economy with 39,776,830 residents, 12% of the US population, and 915,845 are registered medical cannabis patients. The state also hosts over 250 million tourists a year from around the world, and by 2025 it will account for more than 25% of total US cannabis sales, bringing in an estimated $6.59 billion a year.

SōKO and HARDCAR have both positioned themselves as respective leaders in the cannabis industry and see the California cannabis market as an incredible opportunity to grow this luxury brand. For questions or comments:

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