HARDCAR Offers A.I. Platform At No Cost For Real Time Operations & Social Distancing Management For COVID-19

HARDCAR is taking unprecedented steps to provide free worldwide access to an A.I. computer vision platform for essential businesses as they combat COVID-19.

March 23, 2020 – (Palm Springs, CA) – HARDCAR, a cannabis distribution and secured logistics company based in California, announced today that it is offering a free trial of software that can answer real-time operational questions about public spaces for COVID-19 using existing CCTV cameras.

Starting today, companies may contact HARDCAR to receive a free 3 month trial of this specifically designed software that enables A.I. based social distancing management, as well as a suite of other features. The company is playing its part by offering cannabis companies and traditional retailers free access to this platform in order to combat COVID-19.

“Critically, companies can deploy our platform in a matter of hours and be able to determine if people are moving within the specified 6 foot distances. More importantly is that the system will also detect if people are touching and or approaching areas that may be of concern. The system was designed for customer analytics.” – Todd Kleperis – HARDCAR  

HARDCAR is confident that there are additional ways to use technology in order to combat COVID-19. They openly invite collaborators from academia and other industries to reach out and explore ways to help fight the battle ahead. Zensors, a strategic partner of HARDCAR, has been a pioneer in A.I. based customer information and analytics.

Please contact todd@hardcar.com.