HARDCAR Distribution Partners With Insight Quality Services to Ensure U.S. Cannabis Businesses are Receiving the Best Products from China

With the cannabis market exploding throughout the U.S. and Canada, cannabis businesses are looking for outsourced products from China to keep their manufacturing costs down.

January 18, 2019 – (Palm Springs, CA) – HARDCAR Distribution is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Insight Quality Services that will assist and protect cannabis businesses outsourcing their products from Chinese manufacturers.

For a number of reasons, having a product made in China is far more complicated today than it was five years ago. Not only are U.S tariffs directly impacting almost every business importing goods from China, Chinese manufacturing companies are also very concerned about these tariffs. This has led to a massive increase in Chinese companies taking foreign money and either disappearing or producing products of extremely poor quality.

Harris Bricken reports that in just the last 4-5 months there has been a drastic rise in situations where a foreign company (usually American, European or Australian) has paid a Chinese factory and never received their products. That or they received products of such poor quality as to indicate that the factory didn’t give forth any effort. It has been widely documented that a number of manufacturers will produce anything a company asks them to produce, defaulting to minimum cost and minimum quality unless otherwise specified.

However, not all Chinese manufacturers turn out poor quality products. Some manufacturers, especially those that have exported products on their own or worked as contract manufacturers for western firms, will consistently and without excessive guidance turn out high quality products.

“Over the last 20 years, companies have come to appreciate the value of having a strong supply chain coming from China. Unfortunately the production of poor quality products, lack of quality control, missed schedules, and a number of other scenarios have led to mistrust. What is desperately needed is a complete supply chain, excellent quality control and boots on the ground in China, which is exactly what Insight provides. We’ve known Andy for over a decade and truly believe in his firm, giving us an opportunity to work together and create something really valuable for the cannabis industry.”
– Todd Kleperis, CEO of HARDCAR Distribution

Enter Insight Quality Services, a U.S.-owned quality assurance and sourcing company from Dallas, TX. The company is a 3rd party sourcing & quality service provider providing inspections, sourcing, correction & rework, lab testing, factory audits at the point of manufacturer, and training & consultation. They have operations throughout the US, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Yiwu and Qingdao, with clients spread across North America and Europe.

“Sourcing directly from a factory halfway around the world scares many away from placing their first order. Our team provides boots on the ground to help find suitable suppliers, manage the order process and ensure that the goods ordered are the goods received. We are excited to partner with Todd and the HARDCAR team to bring our services directly to the cannabis industry and provide an opportunity to maximize profits by sourcing factory direct.”
– Andy Church, Founder & President at Insight Quality Services

Insight’s experience in real-world business means that they’re not just an inspections or sourcing company, but they have the business acumen needed to understand their client’s needs, goals, and operations, becoming a valued business partner from start to finish of the product life cycle.

In today’s market, outsourcing from China is a vital consideration for any business competing in a cannabis marketplace that could be valued at $75B in the U.S. by 2030 if fully legalized. To truly succeed, it’s extremely important for companies to understand the complicated business culture in China. With 20 years of experience and an established presence in the region, Insight Quality fully understands the intricacies of conducting business in China and can provide peace of mind.

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Insight Quality Services is a 3rd party sourcing & quality service provider providing inspections and factory audits at the point of manufacture. Insight Quality Services was founded out of necessity, built on a foundation of people first; customer service; and treating everyone with respect. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas with operations in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Yiwu and Qingdao, Insight Quality provides product quality inspections and factory quality, social, capacity and capability audits. For more information, please visit insight-quality.com.