HARDCAR Secures Multi-Billion Dollar Bank for Cannabis Loans and Cannabis Financing

While businesses in the cannabis and hemp industries are still looking for answers to their cannabis financing woes, HARDCAR once again provides a viable solution to help move the industry forward.

July 18, 2019 (Palm Springs, CA) – California-based HARDCAR announced today that it has secured a multi-billion dollar bank and now has the ability to offer cannabis loans and financing options for businesses looking to expand their operations. The company has been working on this strategic partnership for the last 3 years, and is proud to be able to offer finance tools for the cannabis and hemp space.

For the first time in this adolescent industry, cannabis businesses now have the ability to secure funding for licensing, facilities, equipment, and anything else they need in order to stay compliant and grow their operations. New programs developed by HARDCAR have provoked interest from banks on this program, enabling more financing options across the US.

“In the beginning, cannabis banking was only for high revenue cannabis businesses because banks could justify the larger expense to monitor and process all transactions. Now days, banks are accepting smaller businesses and the pace of adoption has radically increased. These new loan services bring a whole new dynamic to the cannabis industry and we’re proud to lead the industry with the largest collection of financial options. Now any CBD or Hemp location can apply for traditional land loans, and very shortly, THC locations will be able to do so as well. ” – Todd Kleperis, HARDCAR CEO 

HARDCAR has established itself as the cannabis industry leader in Cash-In-Transit (CIT), cannabis banking and vaulting, and cannabis financing with more channels than any other firm across the nation. They currently operate out of 11 states, plus Washington D.C., and have plans to expand into 3 more states by the end of 2019.

CBD, Hemp and Cannabis all have a vital role in America’s economy, and some projections now show the entire market to be upwards of $200 Billion by 2030. In and industry fraught with issues and questions, HARDCAR continues to lead the country in the secure transport of cannabis cash and the product, cannabis banking and cannabis financing.

For more information about HARDCAR, please reach out to 1-833-246-4273 or email at info@hardcar.com.

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HARDCAR is an award-winning cannabis company and long-time contributor to the cannabis industry, with a proven track record of cultivating and solidifying meaningful relationships with businesses and government officials alike. From Cash In Transit (CIT) to Cannabis Distribution, Cannabis Banking, Secured Cannabis Storage, Cannabis Financing, and Cannabis Transport, HARDCAR has all aspects of the cannabis market covered. Their diversified team of highly qualified professionals provides the highest quality industry services to keep their partners’ products safe, while always maintaining excellence and compliance throughout their work.

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