HARDCAR Secures the Nations First Multi-Billion Dollar Cannabis Bank

While the federal government has yet to regulate the exchange of currency within the cannabis industry, financial institutions have rightfully begun taking initiative by seeking the guidance of experts.

April 25, 2019 – (Palm Springs, CA) – California-based HARDCAR, the nation’s largest armored carrier of cannabis cash, announced today that it has secured the country’s largest bank now dedicated to cannabis banking. With immediate investment and depository accounts for investment dollars or holding accounts, cannabis businesses are finally seeing a solution for their banking woes.

Without the support of the federal government, the industry’s leading companies have limited options when it comes to handing cash, leading to increased risk. Fortunately, HARDCAR has actively been seeking out and successfully partnering with financial institutions interested in working in the cannabis industry. By providing the services required to ensure these institutions are in compliance with state laws, banks are now able to accomplish their mission of serving the financial needs of their local communities.

“We have been working closely with AML (Ant-Money Laundering) and BSA (Bank Security Act) compliance experts who then work with the banks, expediting the process for financial institutions all over the US. Cannabis banking is profitable for the banks and allows the cannabis funds to get off the street. – Todd Kleperis, HARDCAR CEO

Over the last three (3) years, the award-winning cannabis distribution, cannabis transportation, and cannabis security company has led the industry with banking innovations. As the leading secured logistics provider and distributor of cannabis cash, the company’s extensive experience and focus on public safety and compliance ensures positive growth within the industry.

“As industry figures all work towards bringing more banks to the industry, our team leads the way with 10 banks throughout the United States. HARDCAR has played a leading role in the safe management and transportation of cash and product, and we are proud to also lead the industry in banking” – Mariko Augustis, HARDCAR Distribution VP of Banking & Cash Compliance

In the growing number of states that have legalized cannabis, whether medicinal or recreational, regulations and banking solutions are imperative in keeping cash off the streets, helping to reduce potential criminal and violent activity. Safety is, and has always been, of the utmost importance to the HARDCAR team.

For more information about banking with HARDCAR, please reach out to 1-833-246-4273 or email at info@hardcar.com.

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HARDCAR is an award-winning cannabis company and long-time contributor to the cannabis industry, with a proven track record of cultivating and solidifying meaningful relationships with businesses and government officials alike. From Cash In Transit (CIT) to Cannabis Distribution, Cannabis Banking, Secured Cannabis Storage, Cannabis Financing, and Cannabis Transport, HARDCAR has all aspects of the cannabis market covered. Their diversified team of highly qualified professionals provides the highest quality industry services to keep their partners’ products safe, while always maintaining excellence and compliance throughout their work.

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