Jeff Breier – CKO/Co-Founder

Jeff has more than 34 years combined in the fields of Law Enforcement, Corporate Security Management, Security Training, Private Investigation, Executive Protection and Business Management. In his career he has successfully completed more than 5,000 executive protection details without ever suffering a loss of life or critical failure in service.

Co-founder of HARDCAR, Jeff is committed to utilizing decades of security experience and best practices to serve our cannabis industry. HARDCAR’s mission is wellness for veterans, wellness for all.

Security Manager for SONY, TOYOTA and numerous fortune 500 companies, Jeff is responsible for executive protection, asset protection, physical security, camera placement & monitoring, theft investigations, workplace violence suppression and risk management. Jeff managed all security written policies & procedures, advanced security training and background checks for 400+ security agents. Working in high risk environments, Jeff implemented proven security access controls and theft control solutions using the latest technology. Jeff strategized daily changes and risk management for 100’s of high profile clients attending special events in high risk locations throughout South America and Mexico.