NEWS – 10 (More) Cannabis Influencers You Should Watch

Earlier this season we covered 10 Cannabis Influencers who are making an impact in big ways in the cannabis industry. The strength of the cannabis industry is in its people, and Marijuana Retail Report is eager to feature more cannabis influencers you should be following to stay on top of what’s new, interesting, and important for the industry. We’ve curated a list of some top people who may not yet have name recognition, but are making some unique impacts to the cannabis industry through their work in some powerful ways.

Oov Lifestyle

Oov Lifestyle is a new brand that is developing themselves as the go-to brand for women, mothers, and those very interested in tieing cannabis use to lifestyle. Oov Lifestyle, a California brand, uses content marketing strategies that appeal directly to the experiences of women, solidifying themselves as a strong niche market. It takes the experience of motherhood one step further by providing cannabis-using mothers with an avenue to share their experiences of cannabis and motherhood.

Todd Kleperis

His name may not be too recognizable in the cannabis industry, but soon, you’ll be able to associate the name Todd Kleperis with a niche cannabis industry need: security and transportation. Kleperis, a former Army Veteran, noticed there was a need for cannabis security and transportation in an industry that left itself vulnerable to the threats of robberies or other violence in the transport of cash and crop. Focusing in Northern California, Kleperis and his firm HARDCAR Next Generation Security employ former military veterans and law enforcement to protect cannabis assets. They are a helpful resource in making sure all bases of marijuana retail safety are covered.


Since emerging as a strong Point of Sale system for marijuana retail, Covasoft has had a strong voice for best practices in the cannabis industry, providing a general overview of best practices to cannabis businesses. Their staff blog on a regular basis on critical components of marijuana retail, being a strong resource for news and regulations in their target states of California, Colorado, and Washington.

Marijuana Retail Report

We couldn’t talk about influencers who discuss best practices without nodding to our own efforts at Marijuana Retail Report to become an authoritative voice on best practices in the marijuana industry. We have realized that the time for generalizations about cannabis retail has long passed, and this is why we take every opportunity to be as specific as possible with our topics, especially with compliance, where information in that are can never be covered too often. We publish fresh marijuana retail best practices weekly and make sure to cover all aspects of the retail industry. No other cannabis publication produces more relevant information for marijuana retail operations than we do!

Dr. Mehmet Oz

Dr. Sanjay Gupta was the first “TV doctor” to come out in a very public way in support for medical marijuana, but a new familiar face is becoming an advocate as well. Dr. Mehmet Oz, best known for his work on The Oprah Winfrey Show and The Dr. Oz Show made some waves when earlier this fall he came out in support of medical marijuana as showing promise for the current opioid crisis. With Gupta and Oz, both well-respected personalities, the discourse of cannabis has been pushed further into the public in huge ways, bringing information to the masses that cannabis businesses have been trying to for years.

Green Flower Media

Green Flower Media is an education center for cannabis. A website that is based on a free a membership program, anyone interested in any health-related or lifestyle related topic having to do with cannabis has a library at their fingertips.  One of the most valuable parts of Green Flower Media membership is access to free webinars with professional, highly educated authorities on specific topics of cannabis. It’s an excellent way for anyone to automatically step-up their cannabis literacy.


Cannadish is a new site and online community that is absolutely perfect for those who enjoy blending cannabis with the culinary arts. The site and community posts new recipes for some delicious eats daily, including recipes for practical food like “weed waffles” and shows how people can creatively infuse cannabis into their meals through various products you can find at marijuana retail locations. The site also includes helpful lifestyle articles that helps connect the edible-lover to important cannabis education.

Emily & Morgan Paxhia

This brother and sister duo lead the pack in the cannabis investments field and have been doing so since 2013. They own Poseidon Asset Management, which raises and invests capital in cannabis-specific ventures. Their manifesto for their work includes a dedication to changing old, outdated perceptions of the dangers of cannabis to unlock the profit that is possible. These founders, along with their staff, remain a go-to on where the money is in cannabis.

Debra Borchardt

A long-time contributor to Forbes Magazine, Debra Borchardt is the authoritative journalist on the cannabis business – you can expect that if there’s any growth, or recession in the cannabis industry to happen, Borchardt will be the first to report on it through Forbes or Green Market Report, her new site which collates and curates all the financial data for the cannabis industry into one place.

Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan has come a long way from his Fear Factor and NewsRadio days. Now the color commentator for the UFC and the host and producer of one of the most influential podcasts on the internet, The Joe Rogan Experience, has become a major advocate for cannabis law reform and medical marijuana. His particular fight for athletes being able to use CBD is what has helped him earn a lot of respect from veteran cannabis activists.

Why Watch Influencers?

Cannabis influencers are ones to watch because they are at the forefront of change in the cannabis industry and they are using their strong voices for the betterment of the industry. As our list demonstrates, there are gifted people all over the cannabis industry who are finding specific needs that they’re addressing head-on.