HARDCAR is partnered with PayZel, the industry’s first Fintech Banking Marketplace for access to over 15 banks operating in the cannabis industry.

With strong banking relationships, licensed cannabis companies are now able to directly deal with financial institutions, eliminating work-around solutions that has kept money on the streets for decades. HARDCAR was the first distributor to legally transport cannabis cash into the federal reserve, breaking the stigma and making way for banks and credit unions to handle cannabis cash rather than turn it away.

HARDCAR has both Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) experts on staff, while also providing engaged consultants to help financial institutions create viable cannabis compliant programs. With leadership roles in the nation’s top cannabis associations, groundbreaking advocacy meetings with government officials and unprecedented partnerships with credit unions to provide viable banking services, HARDCAR is a leader in the cannabis industry. Our dedication to compliance and public safety will help to ensure proper growth.

For more information please contact HARDCAR at or call 1-833-246-4273.

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